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Copper Glass Copper Brown

ICE COLD, TASTY REFRESHMENT - Copper is amazing at transferring and holding temperature, so your drinks are kept icy cold for longer! You will never have tasted shots as good as from a pure copper shot glass. Your shot cup will frost up in seconds and any citric acid will instantly begin to react and oxidize with the copper, enhancing the flavor and aroma. 100% GENUINE COPPER - This copper shot glasses are made from 100% pure copper. Try it for yourself, a great way to enjoy shots due to the enhanced flavours. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS ? Our products are specially produced against blackening with improved oxidation and corrosion resistance. Do not use any chemicals while cleaning. Hand wash is recommendend with clean water. Do not leave wet and wipe with dry cloth. 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT ★ We care about You and it is very important to us that you are happy with your purchase. We are behind of each product sold. If you experience any problem with your purchase just please send us a message and we will try our best to solve ?